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I have enjoyed taking lessons from Natalie for many reasons.  Foremost, I appreciate that she is patient, easy to get along with and will accommodate the speed at which you learn.  She is not judgmental in her style and when she gives feed back it is constructive making learning challenging and pleasant.  When Natalie plays it is impressive and quite fun to watch.  


Natalie is knowledgeable in many aspects of music beyond performance.  For those who are curious about more than technique, she has a historical perspective of the music which you are playing and can tell you about the philosophies or lives of the musicians of the time.  She is familiar with a large range of pieces and will help you find music which suits your aesthetic or expands your repertoire.  If there was something that she was unfamiliar with she always had an answer or explanation for the following lesson.


Natalie is enthusiastic and a great teacher to work with.


 - Kyle T.

Natalie's teaching style has been the key to our daughters' enjoyment and progress with piano.  She is always so understanding when they have difficulty with a piece or if they weren't able to practice daily. She spends time picking the difficult pieces apart with them, helping them to leave the lesson with confidence and enthusiasm to keep working at it. She seems to understand that this process needs to be fun in order for them to have the desire to continue - she is always open to allowing them to pick the songs that interest them, always finding their desired song with level-appropriate arrangements.


Natalie is incredibly patient with our girls and seems to meet them at their level.  They don't feel pressured to perform or improve, it seems to all be happening naturally as she allows them to feel comfortable in a stress-free environment.


 - Ruth B.

Natalie is a wonderful educator and has done an incredible job of helping my son become more confident and consistent with his piano playing. As an educator, I am amazed with Natalie's "bag of tricks" that always provides options for my son when he occasionally gets frustrated or confused with a new concept.

When my son started playing piano, Natalie did not try to form him into a metronome following robot. She introduced him to a few new topics and asked him what kind of music he enjoyed. She built their relationship on his interests and then tailored her first few lessons to getting to know him through the music that he enjoyed.

Natalie is incredibly patient and always clearly communicates the goal or concept that my son is attempting to learn. We have gone from a little boy that I had to go up on the stage with for his first recital, to a confident little guy that walks right up to the piano on recital day and does his thing.

 - Andy B.

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