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Symphony Field Trip

Yesterday was an exciting day for the piano studio!

Early in the morning, we headed to Bishop Chatard High School for the CYO Music Contest. In this contest, students are sorted into classes based on how many years of lessons they have had. Each student prepares one piece at least 32 measures long, which they play for a judge from memory. The judge assigns a rating based on how well the student accomplishes the piece.

Sara and Isabelle each received a Superior rating and a gold medal. Congratulations, girls!

Sara and Isabelle with medals

In the evening, it was concert time! A group of students and parents accompanied me to the Center for the Performing Arts to hear the Carmel Symphony play works by Bernstein and Gershwin.

Great bunch of students!

Here's the program we heard:

Here's the program we heard

For some of the students, it was their first time attending a symphony concert. The conductor, Ron Spigelman, was one of three candidates auditioning to be the Carmel Symphony's new music director. He had a great rapport with the audience and orchestra, and spent time in between each piece giving some background on what to listen for and what the piece meant to him. It was a great introduction to the symphony experience.

What a beautiful hall! We sat up high, and had a great view of the whole orchestra.

view from our seats

Looking forward to attending more concerts in the future. Luckily, Indianapolis has no shortage of cultural events!

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