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Thomas: March Student of the Month

Allow me to introduce Thomas, our March Student of the Month! Thomas has really stepped up his practicing lately, and has been working hard to improve his note-reading skills.

Thomas has been taking piano lessons for one and a half years, and has progressed through two and a half method books in that short time. His favorite part of playing piano is "performing in the recitals, because you get to eat cookies afterwards and you feel good about playing!" Sometimes, playing can be stressful "when a song takes extra long to learn," but Thomas always sticks with it and pulls off a good performance.

When Thomas isn't playing piano, he's most likely playing sports! At any given point in the year, he could be heading off to a basketball, football, baseball, or hockey game. He's also dabbled in wrestling, and is considering taking up track!

He's a man of mystery, with "a cool middle name" that he's not telling, and he has been eagerly devouring all the Harry Potter books, finally finishing Book 7 last month. He always asks good questions during our lessons together, and loves watching YouTube videos of all the different wacky forms piano music can take.

Congratulations, Thomas! Keep up the good work!

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