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Sarah: April Student of the Month

Say hello to Sarah, our latest student of the month! She has been eagerly participating in events all year, culminating in preparing an incredible FIVE pieces for the recent Butler Keyboard Jam.


Sarah was a real leader at the Jam, helping her younger partners figure out where to go and when to play, and even helped her older sister (studying piano in college) with some last-minute fingerings on the pieces they were both playing. She has also participated in three recitals, and received an Excellent rating at the Achievement in Music festival last November.

She has been taking lessons for just over a year, and is hoping to progress far enough to eventually audition for a college music program. Sarah enjoys piano because "I like the music, and learning new pieces in different styles." Even though the tough spots take extra work, "I always look forward to coming to lessons, because you give me lots of help and that makes the tough spots easier!"

Currently, her favorite piece to play is Minuet in G from the Anna Magdalena Bach notebook, and she loves its familiar melody and opportunities for expression. Sarah also really enjoyed playing Wild River at the Keyboard Jam, with its fast, exciting rhythms and compelling harmonies.

Sarah is a dedicated student in all areas of her life - when she's not playing piano, she's most likely doing schoolwork or ballet. When she does get a chance to relax, she enjoys reading and hanging out with her family.

Thank you for all your hard work, Sarah! I look forward to continuing to explore music together.


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